Every so often McDonald's holds their Worldwide Convention: A weeklong event hosting celebrity speakers, entertainers and over 20,000 franchise owner/operators from around the globe. This film kicked off the 22nd ceremonies and aired during the 83rd Academy Awards.

Hundreds of New York City school kids helped us commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by paying tribute to NYC firefighters. Overnight, the film became the #3 worldwide trending topic on Twitter, and the campaign was featured in Creativity, Shoot, ADWEEK, Adage, The New York Times and various other publications.

"Thanks" (narrated by Spike Lee)

The film, documentary, and director's interviews with the children and New York firefighters were posted on multiple social media platforms.

The children's recording of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' song Empire State of Mind was made available through iTunes and Amazon mp3, where it's been downloaded more than 400,000 times. All proceeds go to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Tag: The longer lasting gum.

The McRib comes out once a year for a limited time. To the joy of a huge cult following. In order to capitalize on this, we gave fans a means to include friends in their barbecue bliss.

With this simple Facebook app...

followers could copy friends' photographs,...

use face recognition software to slather them in barbecue sauce...

and then repost those photos for all to see.

Craftsman Snow Throwers:



street lamp

We created this campaign for Land Rover Canada through the Y&R Toronto office.

Tag: Above and beyond

McDonald's was experiencing fewer lunchtime customers. Due to recent uncertain economic times, employees were eating at their desks or simply working through lunch, hesitant to leave the office. So we decided to encourage them to take back what’s rightfully theirs: lunch.

URL links posted to Twitter and these Hulu pre-roll directed traffic to the campaign's Facebook page. Where lunchtime enthusiasts could unite, share experiences and post comments on the situation.

Social Engagement:

Select restaurants gave out t-shirts to lunchtime customers during the first week of activation.

Peepholes along construction barriers encouraged passersby to take a peek. Only, instead of looking in on the job site, viewers saw miniature 3D interiors of the condo development's soon to be completed living spaces.

After launching this integrated campaign about a burger that's confident in it's own beefy cheesiness, Quarter Pounder with Cheese saw a 7% increase in sales. Reversing a two-year decline, and resulting in the highest ever quarterly revenue growth over the forty-year lifetime of the product.

Subhead: Quarter Pounder with Cheese. It's cheese and beef and cheese. And that's what's up.

We had a lot of fun crafting radio, but this one was my favorite.

♫ McD's_QPC_Radio.mp3

Rich Media offered up "lessons in confidence" via QPC, while driving traffic to the campaign's microsite.